A minor quake

in «Local & Regional» by moftasa

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Whoa, a very minor quake happened few minutes ago (19:17). My heart dropped for a moment, I remembered October '92. I guess I am seismophobic. It probably lasted around 20 seconds. Till now there is no information at the USGS website. May be it was so mild that it will go unreported. For sure it was due to the usual secret Israeli A-bomb test conspiracy theory.

Anyways, here is an entertaining list of phobias from the Wikipedia.

UPDATE: The USGS has information about the event. Magnitude of 4.3, between Cairo and Fayoum. Here is a google map mark of the location of the event. I hope that this was just a spurious event and things would remain calm. BTW, the 1992 earthquake originated from an area near Al-Fayoum.

JPierre felt it too.