Anyone can lose a memory!

Warning! This post is very old and may contain information or opinions that are no longer valid or embarrassing.

Any of your digital devices that carry a removable storage, like a flash disk, SD card etc.. can get lost.


Photo by edans.

They are getting smaller and smaller. And the chances of losing one is probably inversely proportional!

I lost a couple of SD Cards (each 1GB in capacity) in 2007!

!A simple solution

Simply create a plain text file named

__FLASH_DISK_OWNER.txt__ with the information you think is necessary to help the person who might find your camera or flash disk to contact you.


It would be a good idea to make it read-only. So you will not remove the file by mistake.


You should know that

  • It is necessary to put the .txt extension for some legacy operating systems to understand that this is a text file!

  • Yes, your camera or flash could get stolen and you might not get your data ever again. But still there is a chance that it get s lost and this will help the person to find you. Duh!

  • Your privacy/security is lost when you lose your flash disk. Use encryption for your important data if you are worried.

  • You can leave exactly the information you think is sufficient for the other person to be able to contact you, without leaving to much information. You can also leave a vcard if you like.

  • Create a text file. Not a Word document or Powerpoint presentation. Not everyone has these products and they will create large files.

  • Don't make the file hidden. And leave it in the root directory of the media.

  • UPDATE: Zoss found your camera/pictures at Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures