Brains Made in China

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After the Chinese cars that will be assembeled here.

I would like to present to you, the Chinese university, here is an excrept:

China and Egypt on Sunday signed an agreement on establishing the Egyptian Chinese University (ECU) in Cairo, the first Chinese university to be set up in the Middle East region.

Now, I can't really understand why do we need this. May be for business studies and technology. Which Americans, Germans, British, Canadians and French are all trying to do.

But, what are they going to teach in this Chinese university in regards to history, society and politics ? Would it praise the ideology of the People's Republic of China ? Will this university allow Egyptian students to discuss topics that are taboo in China ?

I can't imagine there will be a university with extra more control on what the students are seeking to learn and know.

Will books get approval from the Communist Party of China, Egypt's state security and El Azhar. I guess only empty white pages will pass through.

Could someone start fixing our own universities. Please.