Cool new map service for Cairo

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UPDATE Service is down!

Cairo rejoice!

We are on the bleeding edge of information technology. We now have a map service that is updated, exact, detailed, bilingual, gives you driving directions and has information about all the spaghetti u-turns they have botched our roads with.

No more stuttering fools giving you wrong directions. No more outdated maps. No more wasting time finding street names or building numbers.

I am not going to get lost in Maadi again guys. Wow!

The cool guys at egymaps managed to get this dream come true. And the myth that we don't have digital maps of Cairo is now just a myth.

map showing central cairo

lots of detail.

inside public spaces


I wonder if they sell garmin maps to download on my GPS. I am willing to pay for this, and it will rock.

Yeah and it will also be cool if we can enter some gps coordinates ala expedia and mapquest. Or get some larger maps, like 2084x1280 or something.

NOTE: The Egyptian geological survey authority has digital (GIS) maps of Cairo and probably the rest of Egypt. But they sell them. They sell them at a ridiculous price of 2000 EGP. Although they should be free and in the public domain.


  • abo omar

    Posted on - 🔗

    i want the egypt maps for gps

    • moftasa

      Posted on - 🔗

      Well it seems that the website I linked to is no longer available.

  • Ashraf

    Posted on - 🔗

    We need Garmin or Magellan maps