How to smuggle your favourite drink into the stadium

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A couple of my friends were fantasizing about taking their favourite drinks with them to the stadium. Since their favourite drink is beer which is never sold in the stadium, they felt something was missing. They were also complaining about how expensive water and carbonated beverages were sold inside. They mentioned to me how thoroughly everyone is searched at the gates. With a very strict rule; no foods or drinks allowed. All bags are searched and they are forced to pass through metal detectors.

Well the solution lies in a cheap and simple device:


__The urine bag!__

What you will need is an unused urine bag, a small plastic funnel, the sticky tape used for dressing wounds and your drink.

There are several types of urine bags sold. I think they can carry 2 liters of fluid. But, I am aware that all of them come with openings on both sides of the bag. One opening is a tube connected to a catheter when the bag is used normally. The other opening, at the lower end of the end of the bag, is used to drain the collected urine. The lower opening is sometimes closed with a cap that can be completely removed while some come with a screw cap that remains attached to the opening. You will need the former, the one that you can completely remove the cap.

__Warning:__ Plastic used in making urine bags is probably not one that is meant to carry food or drinks. I also have no idea if your drink will react to the plastic inside. I also have no clue if the taste or smell of your drink will change if you placed them in the urine bag. It might also be illegal to bring beer or other alcoholic drinks to the stadium. You should be at least 21 years old, if you are not ask for permission from your parents. I am in no way responsible.

# Now use the funnel to pour tap water from the lower opening into the urine bag, then release the water from the tube. Repeat several times. It is probably a good idea to clean the bag first. Yet I have no idea if this makes the bag any safer or would prevent the change in taste or smell of your drink.
# Firmly close the tube opening of the bag at the upper end. Use the funnel to pour your drink in the urine bag. If it is a fizzy drink, pour slowly and let the gas escape. When you are done, firmly close the remaining opening.
# Use the sticky tape to strap the bag in an upside down position on your belly(with the tube heading downwards). Now you have a true beer belly!
# Now conceal the bag by wearing what you would normally wear on top. Pass the tube from underneath your clothes towards your arms, to ultimately get the tube out your shirt's hand opening. If the tube is too tall you can coil parts of it and stick those coils.
# Act normally at the gates.
# Open the tube cap and suck your favourite drink in the stadium.


__UPDATE:__ Unfortunately my idea was not original enough (yet cheaper and readily available), take a look [here|]. You should read their [tips|].


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