How to listen to live streaming internet radio in your car

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You can listen to live streaming internet radio if you have a mobile phone with a 3G connection. The phone should be able to run J2ME MIDP applications (most do). Download and install MFRadio. It is open source and free. MFRadio can only play Mp3 streams.

The second step is to be able to connect your phone to your car stereo. This is highly variable, so you will have to find this out on your own.


You should have a cheap 3G connection. One that doesn't make you pay per Megabyte. Etisalat is a good choice. The speeds I get are not impressive (I don't know if this is a limitation from my phone or provider). I can't stream high quality music radios. But it is very useful if you want to listen to news.

Etisalat 3G coverage inside Cairo is excellent and it is more than satisfactory on highways. I managed to follow what was going on in Georgia while driving in the Cairo-Ismailiya road.

Theoretically, listening for 60 minutes to a 25 Kbps broadcast will amount to around 11 Megabytes download.

A good place to find Mp3 streaming radio is SHOUTcast. I wasn't able to get the 6 April radio to work. I want to be able to listen to local radios that are only streamed online.

The BBC removed their streams after they introduced the iPlayer. However, I found this unofficial stream of BBC world in English.


  • lasto adri

    Posted on - 🔗

    11Mbyte! wow!
    using vodafone that must cost a fortune. I am thinking now in choosing Etisalat... and since keda keda twitter is not working, so probably 60 MByte for 2 LE would be cost effective..

    mm.. usually I like listening to radio while working.. but since the mobile doesn't recieve Satalite channels.. I find your little post is so good.. bas the problems lies in the cost now..

    mesh 3arfa, bas is there a way to recieve sat. radio thru gprs :D ... ??

    • moftasa

      Posted on - 🔗

      The problem with etisalat offer is that it is a bit inflexible. Meaning that you don't really need 60 Mbytes a day with your mobile phone. Unless you will stream or download content. If there is a better way to change between the 5 MB per day offer and the 60 MB one then it would be more sensible.

  • lasto adri

    Posted on - 🔗

    e7m, I mean "without internet access"

    looks like i totally forgot what i learnt in college.. heheee..