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a kid jockey in Sudan

Human rights groups condemn the trafficking and exploitation of kids used as camel jockeys. They lobby hard to stop the use of young children slaves in such a dangerous sport. In 2003, UAE responded by a law that prohibits children under 15 or weighing less than 45 kilograms to take part in the sport. However there are evidence that young kids are still used.

Qatar recently responded by developing, with a Swiss robotics firm, a remote controlled robotic camel jockey.

The poor animal will be controlled with a wireless remote!

A camel handler follows the rider in a vehicle and uses a joystick on the laptop-sized remote to issue four instructions: forward, backward, sideways and whip action. The robot, in turn, uses those commands to drive the camel.

You know what, controlling animals with robots for entertainment is sick.

Animal rights groups should start protesting this. And if the current robotic technology can control the camel then it is a dumb sport. It should not be called a sport in the first place. There is no point for this worthless robotic circus to exist.

In my opinion, since camel racing could never be as entertaining for its fans without kid jockeys. And robotic jockeys is a moronic idea. Camel racing and the bloody bull fighting should only live in computer games for their fans to enjoy.

Please leave kids and animals lead a normal life.