Microsoft blocks Iran and Iran blocks Facebook

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Microsoft has blocked access to Windows live messenger (i.e. Hotmail webmail and MSN chat) to people living in Iran, Syria, Sudan, Cuba and North Korea. The reason is that the company suddenly realised that it doesn't do business with countries sanctioned by the U.S. At the same time, Iran blocked Facebook ahead of the presidential elections because a candidate is using it successfully for his campaign.

Microsoft's decision doesn't mean that people in those countries can't only communicate over IM. It means they can't also access their email including their archived messages.

Ok, I understand that Iran did this because it lacks confidence. But why did Microsoft do this now?


  • Mo-ha-med

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    Because someone asked them to.
    I'm leaving the 'someone' purposefully mysterious because I don't quite know - it could simply be the department of trade which suggested they pulled the plug ASAP before they impose sanctions -- just as much as it could be the state dept playing a silly political game. Microsoft wouldn't simply shut their business in five countries if they made a penny there.
    It's all 'bout business, baby.

  • faissl

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    It's the same method that governs Microsoft in every move.
    they have all the rights and the users have none. they set the hardware, software prices and users have to pay and obey..
    so they dealing with users as Olympus gods dealing with mortals.. the US government which follow the same rule in dealing with other nations decide to punish some of them, and -as the news came later- they cut their Hotmail because they are good American citizens and has to punish whoever their government punishes...
    the least reaction suppose to be done is boycotting ALL Microsoft software in these countries..

  • william009

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    I can't understand why Microsoft did this.Please tell us about it.I am william from loans providing company.....


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    I am using Microsoft mail service and office live in IRAN , And Nothing else happened to me and my Emails until now.
    WHY ?