No more Internet pornography in Egypt

Warning! This post is very old and may contain information that is no longer valid.

Blocking porn sites is not the main issue here, there are ways to circumvent censorship and if people want to watch porn, and they do, they will resurrect VHS.


A chart fromGoogle Insightshowing the search for the term "sex" and "سكس", originating from Egypt and from 2004 till now. The annual dip in search, marked with the red R, coincides with the month of Ramadan.

This ruling is like legalizing the monitoring of people's thoughts and controlling what they want to see. Perhaps tomorrow they will want to control what you think of too.

I understand that a court can make the production of pornographic material in Egypt illegal, which is currently the case, because of the possibility of abuse of minors and women through trafficking, etc..

Another problem is the blurry definition of "obscene sites" that is described in the ruling as sites that "destroy the values of the family and society that injects its poisons and spreads vice." I am sure that inclusion of political thought considered by the government as astray is next. Didn't this already happen?

In the UAE they keep on blocking and unblocking Flickr because some nude or semi-nude photography. Which is not pornographic by any means. The UAE reduced Flickr, the best photo sharing website in the world, into a valueless site.

I am sure that everyone who will attack this ruling will come up with the boring argument about the 'costs' of blocking those sites, which is enormous, but this is beside the point. The problem is having a ruling that permits blocking under dubious virtues,thrust upon us now by a judge who thinks he knows better.

So what's next the creation of the committee of the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice?