Radioshack Egypt prohibited me from taking photos with my camera phone of a DSLR camera. The guy told me photography is not allowed!

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The Canon EOS 1000D I was trying to photograph

There is nothing more stupid or frustrating. This is like going into a bookshop that bans reading.

They shouldn't sell cameras.

I don't carry a pen with me all the time and if I do I won't be carrying a note pad. I take photos of products to remember the name, model and price. No one will pay 5390 EGP without researching the bloody thing they are buying.

And this is not the first time I take pictures of what I want to buy. Nor is it the first time I take photos inside Radioshack.



  • Haitham Baghdady

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    didn't u ask him why ???!! there must be a method to the maddness ya Mo?

    • moftasa

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      No, because anything he will say will never make sense. The only
      acceptable answer would be; we own these items and we don't want you
      to photograph them without permission. BUT this is a damn shop that
      SELLS stuff.

      I think I violated the camera's privacy!

  • ezabi

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    You'll find this in many stores, it's their stupid way of protecting their price tags from researchers, definitely utterly stupid.
    Anyway DSLR prices in Radioshack are exaggerated and they're relying on consumers' ignorance, that's another reason for them prohibiting photography or data recording in their stores, I suggest you look up this camera somewhere else, it's a nice baby anyway.

  • james buck

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    agreed. radio shack are tyrants. if you have any camera questions, email me, i love to chat cameras. and i found a good place in zamalek to get a cheaper price too (or can send you one from US, is usually the cheapest and most reliable).

    james buck

    • moftasa

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      Wow! Thanks .. What is the name of the place in Zamalek, I am
      interested to know.


  • abdel gawad

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  • Ola

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    It happens alot of times! and everywhere! it's something u'll hear wherever you go.. "mamnou3 ya fandem!"

    Don't be shocked! it's very normal, trust me.

  • أحمد غربية

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    Most of the "no photography" provisions one has to deal with daily in Egypt is not formal policy of any party nor institutional, but are rather personal initiatives by the same persons who advocate them on the spot. They are a symptom of attempting to imply false authority, xenophobia and paranoia (sic); a result of many years of a country/nation mobilised by its government against local or alien enemies.

  • ahmedbadr

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    Egypt's photophobia!