من ذاكرة المضبطة: تعريص حاد متواصل استمر بعض الوقت

الحقيقة اتسم النظام البائد بالتعريص من النوع الفج، حتى ان مضبطة جلسات مجلس الشعب السابقة مليئة به، في العادة تذكر وقائع التعريص بكلمة أخرى وهي التصفيق وفي العادة يكون مبالغ فيه عندما يتكلم رئيس الجمهورية وقيادات الحزب الوطني. ويذكر بين قوسين (تصفيق) أو (تصفيق حاد) أو (تصفيق حاد استمر بعد الوقت) وكانهم تناولوا منشطات تعريص مستوردة.

Zahi Hawass thinks Mubarak was a good leader until..

..the people around him gained power.

In an interview with Al Jazeera when asked about Mubarak, Zahi Hawass said:


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Congratulations, you killed all Mubarak clones in his palace. Yet, his geneticists created mutated underground worms and moles that carry his genes. They look very similar to the president. It is your final step to free the country from the grip of this dictator!

Mubarak is a dead man!

Kill the bastard, shoot him down. Non violence didn't work, neither did kicking him so why not use your AK-47 to hunt him down!

You cornered the Egyptian president somewhere after days of fighting with your guerrilla troops. You burned down the main NDP building, your troops took control of the radio and TV building and you infiltrated the army.

Kick Mubarak's Ass

Yes, finally you can do it. Kick him were it hurts, real hard.