140 characters of trauma

Warning! This post is very old and may contain information or opinions that are no longer valid or embarrassing.

These are concise formulations of 8 different cases I have seen. All are in 140 characters or less. All people mentioned are refugees.

This is just an experiment with this format.

  • Her dad vanished when she was young. They detained & tortured her twice to know his whereabouts. 5th year in Egypt. No contact with family.

  • Tortured in 3 incidents. Electricity & walking on spiky plant. 2 broken bones. Doing OK as a delivery boy. 3rd year with no family contact.

  • 27 years old engineer transported goods across border. Was detained and tortured for 10 days. Ill brother back home. Can't find a job here.

  • Took part in student protests against his government. Arrested 4 times. Tortured and saw sister raped. No contact with family for 3 years.

  • Husband a POW in Iran for 10 years. She was about to be kidnapped twice. Went to Egypt after the death of her husband. Severely Depressed.

  • Raped & tortured for 5 days. Psychiatric condition is now in remission & is taking care of 2 daughters. But can't finance their schooling.

  • An architect. Kidnapped for 17 days endured beatings, Falaka and prolonged standing. Family payed ransom. Can't find work in Egypt.

  • He was kidnapped for 14 days. Tortured. Dad killed a month later. Developed schizophrenia. Mother taking care of him & his younger sister.