7 officers suspended for growing beards

in «Politics & Human Rights» by mostafa

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7 police officers who tried to grow their beards on duty were quickly suspended by the ministry of interior. This level of firmness is never seen with officers who kill or torture.

The matter of officers growing beards is controversial.

Should the Egyptian police force respect the officers' personal choice and religion, provided they are treated equally and Christians are allowed to wear a cross. Or is it better if the image of law enforcement is a secular one?

Already female officers are allowed to wear a Hijab. The article says there are no laws that ban officers from growing a beard. Anyway, secular is a dirty word now.

Impunity, emergency state and restructuring the police force is a much more pressing issue. But this won't be on the agenda of newly elected MPs in the parliament because they gave the minister of interior a round of applause after he said his forces didn't use loaded shotguns against protesters few meters from the parliament. 17 people died and 50 lost at least one of their eyes from that latest round of police violence.