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Sharing my depressing thoughts on Egypt

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I am slowly developing an apathy towards the current political process. Not sure if future elections are meaningful.

There are no credible politicians left. Maybe few untainted ones exist but they hardly can be popular enough to win seats in any elections, either because they represent fringe ideology or have …

Essam el-Haddad is lying

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Photo of Essam El-Haddad with words LIAR LIAR

Essam el-Haddad, one of the Muslim Brotherhood top members and Mursi's assistant on foreign relations and international cooperation, wrote yesterday on his Facebook page the following:

It is important to note, after the wide circulation of news around attempts to limit free speech through the court system in Egypt, that …

مرسي من 6 أشهر يرفض قرار الضبطية القضائية قبل الانتخابات واليوم يصدره كقرار بقانون قبل الاستفتاء

in «Politics & Human Rights» by moftasa

وكانت قد حكمت محكمة القضاء الإداري بوقف تنفيذ الضبطية القضائية في يونيو الماضي وسعد شباب الأخوان وهللوا فرحا في التحرير بهذا الخبر السعيد.

المهم أن ده صدر الان من محمد مرسي

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