A day in Sokhna

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Warning! This post is very old and may contain information or opinions that are no longer valid or embarrassing.

Yesterday, I went with Ihab to Ain Sokhna to inquire and make contacts with boat owners for a long awaited fishing trip we wanted to organise. Previously we had plans for Hurghada, but the distance and expenses would not make it an easy thing.

We met Rayes Alala, in Sadat Beach (30Km north of Ain Sohkhna). We struck a fine deal with him. We will be paying 200EGP for a boat that can carry 7 persons for a whole day. Later on, we found out the Rayes Alala's deal is the best. After the negotiations Alala offered us a trip right away, with a reasonable price, if his customers were late.

They didn't show up early enough for him. So we managed to ride with him. Unfortunately, 30 minutes later they called on his mobile and we had to get back. Disappointed, both of us, we headed back to a small beach in Ain Sokhna.

Trouble is Ain Sokhna is packed with Costal Guard intelligence. You have to have a fishing license to fish! Going with a boat is OK, since you are considered fishing with the boat owner, who does have a license. They will however ask you for IDs.

And I swear I found a sign saying that you have to be searched before and after getting into the water.

The costal guard annoyance is to stop smuggling drugs.

Huh, stop smuggling drugs? What about all the private beaches and hotels there is no such security measures at all. And why do those measures appear after 10:00. Were all the guards sleeping ? What about Abou Gallom in Sinai, were drugs are sold 3eny 3enak.

Carrying our fishing rods, bait, bags and drinks (we managed to get some ice from Alala, and kept the drinks cold for more than 10 hours). We got back to Ain Sokhna and sat on a wooden pier. Loads of fish. All 15 centimeters long! The fish either ate the bait in a few seconds, or we had to pull them up quickly. I was a bit disappointed by the size of the fish.

After several hours of fishing and getting a painful uneven tan. Ihab had collected about 30 of those fish to prepare a meal for his cat. The water was nice too, very refreshing and made us exteremely hungry. Driving a few kilometers up the road we found a place that sells food. We had Kosher fish. Yes it is called Kosher fish, it is supposed to be a local dish in Sokhna.

One more thing. Google maps is impressive, if not for this map we would have been lost for an hour or so, between the confusing signs that made this part of the highway more complicated. It also helped alot creating a GPS route for the whole trip using coordinates from google maps.


  • Ahmed sharaf

    Posted on - 🔗

    i wanna know more about renting a boat in ain sokhna

    • moftasa

      Posted on - 🔗

      Go to a pier near a public beach called el-Sadat and ask.