Alaa's arrest: a recap.

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UPDATE: Alaa released

Here is a summary of what happened in the past two weeks regarding the arrest of the most prominent Egyptian blogger and a personal friend.

Alaa Abd El-Fatah (a.k.a Alaa Ahmed Seif) is a blogger, geek, activist and a remarkable person. Arrested, among others, on the 7th of May during a peaceful protest. He was protesting the arrest of Malek and others. Malek, a blogger, was arrested on the 24th of April while protesting. Lately, few were released while the rest will remain for 15 more days. They were all protesting for independence of the judiciary.

Bloggers around the world identified with Alaa and started a big campaign. This campaign made some noise in the international mainstream media. The campaign was successful in making many bloggers and geeks know about Alaa's arrest. They used several tools and ideas. They quickly reported the arrest on their blogs, they created banners, a dedicated blog, signed petitions and other creative ideas. Such as a googlebombingforalaa, a drupal module, flash animation, video blogs, a interactive map of people supporting him, a Wikipedia page and they collected and tagged all links they found about the arrest. On top of all that Alaa blogged from his prison cell.