Best astroturfing fart in the northern hemisphere

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Not all humans are capable of producing flammable flatus. Flatus is flammable because it contains Methane.

A clique of NDP politicians created this on their own:

From the DailyNewsEgypt:

CAIRO: An NGO was recently launched to repair relations between Egypt’s citizens and its police force, it was announced Thursday.

Named “Police and People” and created by former Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher, the organization aims to bridge the ever widening gap between the police and citizens, as well as foster awareness about the proper role for each.

Maher said that the organization’s objective is “to work on removing any disagreements between police and citizens and putting in place a researched work method that would eradicate any transgressions on the part of the police or officers of the Interior Ministry.”

Maher added that another of the organization’s imperative goals was to break the current psychological barrier between the police and the people.


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