Warning! This post is very old and may contain information or opinions that are no longer valid or embarrassing.

She was one of the top ten students in the whole country in secondary education. She asked the minister for a night job to help support her family of two parents and 7 brothers and sisters.

One day, she stopped sleeping. She became more fun and daring. Other nights she sat alone in the dark and sobbed for no reason thinking life was not worth it. One day she went to her balcony and flashed the street, exposing her naked breasts to the people. She was beaten by her parents. They didn't like her new behaviour. She was admitted to the hospital.

She said she loved me. Like any other guy she sees, she falls in love with him in 2 seconds.

I had to run away from her open arms while she chased me with a starring look and shaking hands.

Her parents took her back home, she didn't complete her treatment.

Yesterday I was glad to see her again. As soon she have laid eyes on me she said "You are a doctor now ?" Looked to her father and told him "He is one of my students." Feeling proud of herself.

She came back to continue her treatment and meet her old friends in hospital.