El-Adly MUST resign

in «Politics & Human Rights» by mostafa

Warning! This post is very old and may contain information or opinions that are no longer valid or embarrassing.

After today's Black protest. The next step for the Kefaya and Muslim brotherhood and everyone else not an NDP whore is to force Habib El-Adly resignination. This is the logical and most powerful step Egyptians could do this year.


  • Mubarak will "win" the upcoming elections, if elections would go as the referendum, which is very likely. The time and energy spent in trying to oppose Mubarak in the elections will be a waste and better left to the candidates for presidency and their supporters.
  • El-Adly is certainly very important to Mubarak. Mubarak didn't force him to step down after THREE terrorist attacks in one year. In the 90s one terrorist attack was enough to remove one interior minister.
  • The Interior Ministry is the ministry with --stemming from the nature of its job-- the worst human rights record.
  • It is considered the most ethically corrupt ministry. They don't only run after money and power. They seek pleasing the government by committing crimes.
  • This ministry murdered, tortured, mass-arrested, attacked civilians and sexually harassed women.
  • The whole public lost hope in this ministry and share this bleak view. Every day they feel the tyranny and oppression exercised by police force in the roads.
  • Disgusting shameless gestures like changing the name of the police academy to Mubarak's Academy for Security. And the slogan of the police force from the old and popular "The police is in service of the people" to "The police and people in service of the nation" which everyone reads as "The police and people are in service of the national democratic party."


  • This will bring confidence back to people. They will feel that they can change something by raising their voices.
  • It will reset the level of oppression exercised. Even if the next interior minister is Nabil El-Ezabi or any other notorious high rank officer. He will probably make sure not to reach the levels that angered so many people.
  • Bringing El-Adly to resign by non-violent dissent will be the strongest blow to Mubarak strong hold of Egyptians. And would probably start a crescendo of real change.

It will never be an easy task and will only happen in small steps.