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Warning! This post is very old and may contain information or opinions that are no longer valid or embarrassing.

This time, correctly calculated, I have spent 16 hours in the emergency ward. Not in one shot. 4 hours in the morning and 12 hours night shift.

It was like a disaster zone, sick children didn't stop pouring in. Mostly gastroenteritis and febrile convulsions cases. One child came with a cardiac arrest and Aya with a huge subcutaneous hemangioma over her abdomen.

I had lots of bureaucratic 'fun' with Aya. Radiology department doesn't do Ultrasound for emergency patients. Senior doctors in my unit refused to admit her in as an inpatient, saying that she should be admitted to a pediatrics surgery unit. Resident doctor in pediatric surgery, a sick ***hole who wants to sleep, says that it is not his problem. Anyways, she was admitted to our unit and finally she did the ultrasound. This ordeal took 4 hours of leg work with a patient that is really in poor conditions and could bleed at anytime.

Most parents are in tears, they just can't stand seeing their children so ill or convulsing. Some parents makes working conditions worse, usually they need some assurance, but few cry and scream like children!

Ahmed the boy with extensive fungal infection died yesterday.

Some colleagues suck. They don't want to work or help. They just want to sign in and then go home or disappear.

Dropped my PDA twice. Its aluminum case deformed, but it is still functioning.

I will not take my car in night shifts. I slept while driving back home, it was a traffic jam, but still it was scary.

UPDATE: The Pediatric surgery doctor is not really as I described. The pediatrics resident was trying not to avoid a complicated case like Aya.