Gadafi's mental state

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Gadafi in a tuktuk holding an umbrella

Former head of the World Psychiatric Association professor Ahmed Okasha said today on OTV live that he doesn't have an exact diagnosis for Gadafi as he never examined him but says he should be treated involuntarily for being dangerous on others.

Said his last speeches showed thought disturbance, delusions of persecution 'the uprising being a plot by Osama Bin Laden' and other delusions like people of Libya are rats and all of them receive hallucinogens.

He added that the delusions are fixed and that Gadafi is insightless.

Yosri Fouda showed him an image Mubarak near the end of the program, which when he zoomed in on the stripes of the suit showed the stripes made of tiny letters spelling the name HOSNY MUBARAK vertically, Okasha responded immediately with criticism of large egos and that's evidence of narcissism. Trouble is, he recently renamed the Ain Shams institute of psychiatry to the Okasha institute of psychiatry.

Unfortunately, the program added very little information or insight to people of Libya or families of Egyptians living there. It was purely entertaining. Mentioned nothing regarding the trauma that Libyans will be suffering from due Gadafi's bloody war against his own people.


  • Rou

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    lol...mostafa..i said the same thing too when i saw him calling mubarak narcissitic.look who's talking!!!

  • Ruth Kelly

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    Gadafi's many women, the women whom he had trained to be his protectors of whom I think he called his thousand beauty's, are a sure sign of his megalomania.