Guardian: Cairo witnesses blame security forces for bloodshed at Coptic march

in «Politics & Human Rights» by mostafa

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Many people were screaming, women were crying and running almost immediately and add to that the fact once the beating started with sticks, within a few minutes we started hearing gunfire which it seems like -- from some of the casualties I saw -- were not blank rounds.

They were live rounds being used very, very quickly. It was an incredibly violent show of force ... it was chaos for a while.

It was absolutely enraging. Within a few more minutes people had moved backwards towards the Ramses Hilton, the large street in front of it and were setting up some barricades there to stay there.

But all of a sudden several of those sort of armoured personnel carriers driven by military personnel started running up and down the streets through the crowds, deliberately zigzagging and aiming at the people, which was probably one of the most horrific things I\'ve seen, if not the most horrific thing I have seen, in this revolution so far.

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