How to Blog Anonymously

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Or, how to survive censorship.

What is going on with Bahraini web publishers is sad. They will be facing legal action if they don't register their sites with the government, including sites hosted on servers outside Bahrain.

The good thing is; Bahraini bloggers will do something about it.

What they are going to do will either back fire or provide them with the freedom they want. We, on the other hand, are entering a sensitive period. I am not sure if we will be always granted the level of freedom we have now. Our government did censor sites in the past.

I also have learned that there is an ISP reseller in Egypt that is blocking the Egyptian Blogregator. This was reported by Boody. No one is sure if this is because the content of the aggregator or for other silly reasons. No one knows if this block was done by other ISPs, or not.

But, it is wise to be ready.

The following links describe how to blog and surf blogs anonymously.

  • GoProxing service: which offers a free proxy to bypass blocked sites and anonymous browsing.
  • Invisiblog: offers total anonymity via cryptography keys.
  • EFF: has a very good article on how to blog anonymously.
  • yet another how to article.