Mobile Shop: Job opportunities are for men only

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I receive wrong emails often. Sometimes they are funny but usually plain boring. I also receive around 5000 spam messages per week.

Today I received the following email from Mobile Shop HR department. They have two job opportunities. The first is something called "Sales Maker" and it seems to be gender specific. The other is called "Net woek Admin" and it requires, among a list of technical stuff, good command of English language.

Language issues aside. Is this sex limitation legal, specially when it is not a job that requires strenuous activity (and shouldn't they leave this for the person to decide)?

Mobile Shop runs 58 branches across Egypt.

Read it:

Title sales maker

Company Profile:


Job Details & Qualifications:

Employment Type: Permanente.

Job Type: Full Time.

Gender: Males

Job Location: ALL EGYPT

Preferred Major: Any

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

Ø Excellent command of English Language.

Ø Very Good Knowledge of MS Office.

Ø Prefer candidates with SALES ADVANTAGECertificate.


Send an updated C.V. with a Personal Photo via Email: ISLAM_HR@MOBILESHOPEGYPT.COM



§ Can Deal with All Microsoft Windows Systems.

§ Assist in designing and implement and maintain networks including Voip

§ Troubleshoots users problems(OS,Applications,Hardware,and Network)

§ Maintain Microsoft networks and connectivity including domain / groups.

§ Configure, monitor, and maintain email applications and virus

Protection software and ADSL.

§ Ability to work in team or individual.

§ Working under pressure.
good English (read / write/ speak)

Training &Courses

* In National Telecommunication Institute (NTI)
* CCNA Certification.
* Designing LAN and Wan with Cisco devices.
* Install / configure / troubleshoot LAN and Wan.
  • This Course Included:

Ø Network Topologies, 7 Layers Model, TCP/IP Model

Ø IP Subnetting

Ø Introduction to Cisco Inter-network Operating System (IOS)

Ø Managing a Cisco Inter-network

Ø Layer 2 Switching & Virtual LANs (VLANs)

Ø IP Routing

Ø Routing Protocols (RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF)

Ø Managing Traffic with Access Lists

Ø Routing and ACLs

Ø WAN Protocols (PPP and HDLC)

Ø ISDN & Frame-Relay

* Network Address Translator (NAT) & Port Address Translator (PAT)
* Router Configuration.
* Switch Configuration.

§ Network Administration ( MCSE )

  • This Course Included:
  • Exchange server
  • ISA
  • Active Directory
  • DHCP
  • DNS

§ Managing and Maintaining Windows Server 2003.

§ Install / configure / troubleshoot all Microsoft networks.

§ Plan, coordinate, and implement network security measures to protect data,

Software and hardware from attacks.
Managing IBM Lotus Domino 6 Servers and Users
please send your cv with recent photo to
or fax 33360950
or call 0123714576