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openDemocracy, a wesbite that publishes posts by prominent academics and journalists and encourages debate about world politics and culture, has published as part of its Arab Awakening section a guide to the best blogs in the Arab world for 2011. These include very important and popular blogs such as Nawaat, Jadaliyya, Mamfakinch and the Arabist.

Nawaat was this time last year an incredibly important resource, not just for Tunisians but for everyone who wanted to follow the events that led up to the downfall of Ben Ali. The other three blogs are so well established that they don't need any introductions. Check out their guide here.

Additionally, the site chose less well known blogs. Like Basem Sabry's highly thoughtful blog and it introduced me to Abu Kareem's Levantine Dreamhouse which I am looking forward to reading more of his posts on Syria. His spot on post about the Arab League observers mission to Syria being a farce caught my attention.

Also, I was surprised and flattered that this blog was selected. So if you are one of those who are checking this blog after openDemocracy linked to it. Thanks a lot for the visit but hop on to the following blogs first, enjoy them and if you still have some time, come back. They are much more serious about writing and will leave you highly entertained and informed. Sarah Carr's inanities, Occupied Cairo, CairObserver and The Big Pharaoh.


  • Abu Kareem

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    I am not sure how they got to me but I am equally flattered. Interesting to see two "brainy" physicians on the short list: a psychiatrist and a neurologist (moi!). I will be sure to visit frequently.