Pediatrics take 2 ... and more

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Warning! This post is very old and may contain information or opinions that are no longer valid or embarrassing.

Started the pediatrics round, again.

Well, I need to explain this. The first ten days in the my internship. We were randomly distributed. I went to the pediatrics hospital in those few days. There, I got the worst flu in 15 years and had a good amount of grief and distress from the conditions of some children and the death of two of them.

After that, I had two months in Surgery. I learned lots of practical stuff. I didn't manage to attend lots of outpatient clinics, so I didn't really feel that I increased my knowledge of surgery. I enjoyed the Accidents and Emergency though. Lots of appendicitis, cholecystitis and renal colic. Most interesting were wounds and poly-trauma patients. Despite the most annoying thing about poly-trauma patients. They need lots of work.

Today, I couldn't find any information about Aya. The girl with a huge Subcutaneous Heamangioma. She was transferred to another unit.

Also there was a case of Craniosyntosis. Which is premature closure of one or more of the brain sutures before the skull is fully grown. This boy probably has the sagittal suture closed. He had a really big bulgy forhead (Scaphocephaly?), with protruding eyes. I Didn't have the camera with me.

Yesterday, I came back from the north coast. The Alex-Cairo Road was full of cars. All four lanes, cars were bumper to bumper. I have never seen anything like this.

In Marina, I managed to get out of my reader's block. Which I developed after I finished the 6th year exams. I couldn't concentrate on one thing and read it. I spent four months in the first three chapters of Brave New World. Decided to change the genre and pick the arabic version of Momo. In a day managed to read the first three chapters, not bad. The novel is also very absorbing.

Went fishing, after lots of hours, I managed to catch a big crab! It was delicious.