Quantitative assesment of the strike?

in «Politics & Human Rights» by mostafa

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I wonder if there are any public data that can be used to assess the effects of the strike. And I wonder if this data could be analyzed statistically to see if there were any significant difference as a result of the strike.

I can only think of the stock exchange data. Either trading volume or the CASE index could be affected. But there could be lots of confounding variables and it is hard to establish a direct relationship between what is happening on the streets and what is going on the trading floor.

So, do you have any ideas?

It is highly improbable to find public data that are not going to be tampered with. But even if there were data like number of Metro tickets sold, etc.. I am skeptical that there will be any statistically significant difference on the day of the strike.

That is, unfortunately, I am quite confident that people on strike tomorrow are the same folks who stand on the stairs of the Journalist syndicate. A handful.

As for me, I will be enjoying my time trying to guess the answers for an MCQ exam.