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Warning! This post is very old and may contain information or opinions that are no longer valid or embarrassing.

This post is a little bit different. I would like to share some of my bookmarks and things I found on the Internet.

Few of the best music tracks I found available under a non restrictive license. They deserve a mention here as they made it to my main playlist. You can download them, share or remix some of them.

You can find more free tracks at magnatunes, ccmixter, iRate Radio and mixtaper. Mixtaper is quite cool site where you can create mixtapes online with your friends.

Some links to sites with large collection of Art Fantastique.

Inspired by this I googled for the phrase "egypt consumes -- of -" and "egypt produces -- of -" you will have a few laughs. Also quite usefull to people who enjoy throwing some statistics in a heated debate or trying to prove a point blindly.

I stopped buying the Ahram news paper. I stopped buying almost all state newspapers. Well, I stopped buying all kinds of newspapers, I only have few hours a day to read some blogs. But this means that I could not know what films are being shown in cinemas in Cairo. This page solved the problem.


A large gallery full of Egyptian film posters (Very addicitive, you might waste hours).

If you have way too much time on your hands you can try making a working steam engine, a working 35mm pin-hole camera, space shuttle or just a paper airlplane.

Finally, outer space. Here is the best photo I have seen this month. It is a self-protrait. Impressive.

The NewScientist asks What do you think the tenth planet should be named? I like Pax.