SMSs of the sit in

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Warning! This post is very old and may contain information or opinions that are no longer valid or embarrassing.

Alaa sent a number of SMSs from the sit in. Since he couldn't set up his blog to do the same due to Vodaphone putting restrictions on international SMS. These SMS appeared as published posts on the front page of this blog.

I removed the posts from the front page, but they are still accessible.

Some messages got truncated.

Here are the messages with approximate date and time:

2006-03-16 19:30:48 by Alaa

Dispatch arived in square security keeping a distance around 50 protesters already security turned off the lights

2006-03-16 20:26:51 by Alaa

we hanged a huge flag of egypt distributed 1000+ around 200 protesters chanting place sprinkled with flags and posters engaging audience people know nothing about the judges demands managed

2006-03-16 20:29:54 by Alaa

Managed to stop the gardener before the place gets soaked ... msgs by alaa

2006-03-16 21:34:11 by Alaa

Graffiti on the street we marched around the square. Singing i am woried people will tire themselves quickly this way. Ebles joined the sit in and marched with us next time he writes call him

2006-03-16 23:03:00 by Ahmed Gharbeia

Alaa is in a birthday. Blog this

2006-03-16 23:31:03 by Alaa

Street children having a blast playing with us trying to explain what we are protesting about

2006-03-17 05:21:19 by Alaa

Settling down now around a 150 protesters left

2006-03-17 05:22:22 by Alaa

Group split half hudled under blankets singing rest march

2006-03-17 05:23:25 by Alaa

Gish el yasar qadem men kol makan qadem ra3'm el ikhwan

2006-03-17 05:24:28 by Alaa

Wi ma3ana neswan qadem wi hanrol kaman qadem

2006-03-17 05:24:31 by Alaa

Wa ana mesh sakran qadem gish el yasar qadem

2006-03-17 05:25:34 by Alaa

Everyone sleeping now

2006-03-17 05:28:37 by me

You have reached your credit limit ... Stop sending songs ya alaa

The following were added manually

2006-03-17 05:50:56 by Alaa

Slowly waking up a very cold night hyper active elements already chanting

2006-03-17 07:53:22 by Alaa

cairo slowly waking and we can feel her yawn and as lovers we hover over her face turned evey twitch waiting for the magical moment when she smiles at us

2006-03-17 11:36:26 by Alaa

wraping up took down the huge flag and the green thingy that is supposed to represent judges sash security cars gathering one broke we helped push it

2006-03-17 11:48:10 by Alaa

Sit in over we marched to syndicates security harased us tried to grab my camera setling in lawyers syndicate