The bastards stole my camera

in «Blogging & Personal» by moftasa

Warning! This post is very old and may contain information or opinions that are no longer valid or embarrassing.

Some plain clothes police (they had a walkie-talkie) stole my camera and four or three of them dragged me from my shirt violently in the streets. They did the same to my friends. We were no directly upseting them we were just taking photos of another one of my firends being dragged and beaten.

I feel humiliated. They are so mean and invincible.

This happened infront of the Ministry of Justice and after almost everyone left today's protest. When a few wanted to walk back home and pass infront of the Ministry of inTerror.

Went home, while showering pricking pain on my abdomen. Looked in the mirror found four scratch marks on my abdomen.

ANOTHER UPDATE: More accounts from Alaa and Manal. . Special thanks too Africano for the beautiful post, Nermina and Ramy and the comments at the arabist.