The stupid bouncers won't let Per in

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UPDATE: Read Sarah's post she has more details.

Woke up this morning to learn from Twitter and text messages that early this morning at 2am, Per Björklund was stopped by the Cairo Airport security and wasn't allowed entrance to the country. He is to be deported back to Prague.

3arabawy sent a twitter message saying that Per was told the reason for stopping him is because they have his name on their computer. Nothing more.

Per is a foreign journalist and blogger. He covers strikes, protests and stories related to human rights abuses.

This may be linked to Travis Randall's ordeal early this month. He is an American free style writer for a lifestyle magazine, who was also detained in the airport for several hours and sent back to London on his own expenses. Randall participated in a pro-Gaza march in February this year, in which Philip Rizk was kidnapped and detained by the state security. Per covered this protest.

Per is a brave journalist and his writing is almost always highly informative. He is a nice guy. This is both outrageous and depressing. I wonder if this stupid government is trying to reduce the number of foreign journalists in anticipation of the next two politically intense years.


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    Uhmmm. That seems not fair. I think those guards need more education when it comes to giving security.