The ultimate disregard for personal safety

Warning! This post is very old and may contain information or opinions that are no longer valid or embarrassing.

Here, people don't give much thought about safety. Not even personal safety. People in many professions just don't care if they hurt themselves.

Rabak Youstor, they say. You can see workers in extremely dangerous situations not wearing anything to protect themselves. This is not only in case of blue collar workers. White collar workers too don't give a damn about the hazards of their job. Despite their higher education and knowledge about the risks. And that they should be setting an example for their co-workers.

I bet you have seen things that makes you cry out loud and beg people to wear the readily available protection.

There is however a person I would like to give him the Award for Ultimate Disregard for Personal Safety. The blood bank worker/technician in Demerdash Hospital who does all the cross matching tests on blood samples from different patients. His lab swims in blood. Every wall, surface or object is covered with clotted blood or spills of fresh blood. All of this, and he is working without any gloves to protect himself from getting any virus or any of the zillion damn thing that blood can carry.

Unfortunately, those who don't win this award. Radiology doctors and technicians who need a fax from the National Center for Radiation Safety to remind them to wear radiation sensor tags. Which have been enforced by a law number 59 of the year 1960 !!

Intervention Radiology doctors who don't wear the lead aprons when using devices that emit X-Rays.

Our winner, the blood bank worker, loses on the Award for Ultimate Disregard for Others Safety as this award has been given to Micro-bus drivers.