Therapeutic drugs commonly abused in Egypt

Warning! This post is very old and may contain information or opinions that are no longer valid or embarrassing.

The following is a list of drugs (by their trade names) most commonly abused for their psychoactive properties. Some of the following drugs are over the counter medications that requires no prescription.

This is just a short list with Egyptians trade names. For a more complete list of psychotropics under international control.




Apetryl, Amotryl, Rivotryl, Clopam, Klonopin, Xanax, Zolam, Prazolam, Alprax, Calmepam, Restolam, Valium, Librium, Valpam, Valinil, Neuril, Epival, Farcozepam, Lexotanil, Bropam, Ativan, Dormicum, Rohypnol, Myolstan




Anticholinergic: Cogentin, Cogentol, Parkinol, Akineton


Tramadol, Tramal, Amadol, Tramax, Contramal, Trama SR, Ultradol, Tramundin

Nalofin, Nubain, Nalbuphine, Acupan, Nopain, Nefopam


Tussilar, Tussivan, Codilar, Codaphen, Codiphan, Pulmolar


Flurest, No Flu, Flustop, Sultan


Evanol, Asmolin, Asmorest, Baclofen, Somadril, Spasmorest, Ephedrine, Migranil


  • David

    Posted on - 🔗

    Talking about drugs, I have been sent some Restolam from GlobalNapi. Is this a respectable company in your eyes and am I going to be safe taking this drug? Thank you.

    • moftasa

      Posted on - 🔗

      Sorry, I don't know what GlobalNapi is.

  • David

    Posted on - 🔗

    Global Napi Pharmaceuticals , 6th. of October City appear to be one of Egypt's leading pharmaceutical companies who produce Restolam (alprazolam) amongst other drugs, some of which you mention above, and I was curious as to whether you were following up your article above and whether you had come across this company. I obtained them through a French firm but the French blogs on Restolam are not entirely complimentary. Perhaps I am bothering you about here on your blog incorrectly for which I apologise., but I thank you for your time. David.

  • naldiking

    Posted on - 🔗

    does valinil 5mg actually contain 5mg of the active ingredient diazepam, as my doctor here in the u.k told me that they only contain 2mg diazepam if that. please could anyone answer my query.
    much appreciated