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I can't afford my imagination.
No one can.
If you can afford what you can imagine, then you are poor.
It sucks to use public transportation here.
I had to climb up a rock wall to change between two buses.
I hate 6 Oct bridge.
6 October city is ugly.
If this is development then I don't know.
I don't know many things.
Indecisiveness is a symptom in depressed people.
And people merely undecided but not depressed.
Like these ruminations.
They are a symptom in OCD.
And people brooding but not obsessive compulsive.
People from different places behave differently.
Specially when they are bored in public spaces.
I like to watch people in a Jacuzzi.
They stimulate their most sensual non-sexual areas.
They almost silently moan at times.
Neurological fact: Toe sucking is sexually stimulating for everyone.
This is probably how reflexology emerged.
Construction work is noisy.
Especially on Friday.
All US films are about super heroes now.
Which probably says something.
Or really nothing, studios competing.
I failed miserably in learning French or Music.
More Asians have perfect pitch.
More bumper stickers probably means a more aggressive driver.
This is like catharsis.
When I think of catharsis I don't think of religion or bowels.
I think of blood sucking medicinal leeches.
I have seen lots of blood.
It is just a fluid, there is nothing special to it.
I think I have seen all body fluids.
I want to see the Aurora Borealis, while drinking Absinthe.
Never had a homosexual experience.
Even though a big percentage of all males did.
But I played with a man's penis before.
He didn't consent and he was dead!
His abdomen was taken apart and his head was cut open.
Doctors should put a tie clip on, cause ties touch patients and may transmit infection.
Or they can wear bow ties.
Wearing coloured bow ties will be very odd here.
But will be delightful to see people's response.
Mass hysteria is interesting.
Egypt's Thanawya 3amma Secondary education causes mass hysteria.
We never had Koro in Egypt.
Koro is genital retraction syndrome (a.k.a penis panic)
Don't confuse it with Kuru.
Genitals are less important than Thanawya 3amma.
But Virgin Mary was once more important, in the 60s.
Her apparition was one year after the 1967 loss.
May be people needed a super hero at that time.
It is difficult to say no.
It is easy to make it difficult for someone to say no.
Never do this, it is manipulation.
I abhor free riders.
The attitude-behaviour gap is universal.
But it is very wide these days.
Non-violent direct action is cool.
It might involve the creative use of glue.
But politicians here are already glued to their seats.
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