Now you can leave comments on my blog with your twitter sign-in thanks to @disqus

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Warning! This post is very old and may contain information or opinions that are no longer valid or embarrassing.

One additional reason to love Disqus:

Twitter is a fast growing service that millions of people (including all of us here at Disqus) use to easily update and get updates from friends. We recently released the ability to tweet out comments for commenters with a Disqus Profile. This allowed people to share their comments on Twitter and bring in new voices to the conversation (see this in action).

Today, we released a new feature for publishers: Twitter Sign-in.

Fortunately, with such a descriptive name, there’s not much explanation needed. It is what it sounds like: sites are now able to allow people to use their Twitter profiles to leave comments. And yup, these commenters will also be able to tweet out to their updates. No Disqus Profile necessary.

In short, disqus allows your visitors to comment with their Facebook, Twitter or Disqus accounts or if they prefer they can leave anonymous comments or links to their blogs. It also collects reaction from different sites like Friendfeed, reddit, etc..

Visitors can choose to tweet their own comments to involve more people in the conversation.