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Warning! This post is very old and may contain information or opinions that are no longer valid or embarrassing.

Well, I didn't blog about myself since this post. Three days later I started my General Surgery rotation. It is two months long. I had 10 days in pediatric surgery. Not much work, but the operations are very cool. Not enough to learn much though.

I learned lots of practical skills in the General Surgery and managed to see several operations. Unfortunately, the two months are approaching their end, and I didn't go to the outpatient clinic except once.

Demerdash hospital sucks. Two female patients on every bed. And the patient wards are more of a barn than something suitable for humans. Patients are left at night and one can hardly find a nurse visible. And there are LOTS of dumb logistical problems that delay everything.

After 6 years of not practicing any sport, I decided I couldn't leave my body to rust. I started jogging. Went twice. Last time I managed to do 4.43Km in 25 minutes. I was impressed that I can still run in the first place.

I wanted to start some French courses. I don't really like french, but I have been so motivated to learn it. Anyways, I decided to start the courses next month. I need to revise what I have studied in school, try some online course and borrow some CDs. May be also try unconvential methods in learning it.

Meanwhile, my ROC team is trying to revise and update the proposal we wrote last year. We discovered that lots of papers progressed on the point we stopped at last year. More on this later.

Anyways, good luck folks in whatever you are doing. Thanks for visiting my blog. Please feel free to leave a comment. Comments do cheer me up.