Victory Photo

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Warning! This post is very old and may contain information or opinions that are no longer valid or embarrassing.

I ran out of passport sized photos. I went to a professional photographer Kodak Spot to get my self a decent photo so I could use to apply for military education. Look if you don't know what is military education, don't ask. It is the most ridiculous thing ever.

And the photo sucks.

They stopped using celluloid film and SLRs. Instead, obviously to cut costs, they are using a cheap old Olympus digital camera. The camera took about 6 photos of me blinking.

Finally the guy took a decent photo. We agreed that he would print it. But the asshole printed a different one with my eyes ptosed in the middle of a blink.

The camera also has something wrong with colors, contrast or exposure. I don't know. But these are not the same colors of my shirt and my skin. They are several degrees lighter.

They even retouched the photo badly with photoshop, I can see a part of my hair softened and not as sharp as the other side.

This is digital Ersatz.