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Is Medical and Psychological Examination of Presidential Candidates Necessary?

Interim president Adly Mansour introduced to the upcoming presidential elections the requirement that applicants undergo physical and psychological examination. To determine if an applicant is fit to preform his/her duty as president of the republic. The new law does not state which physical or psychological conditions bar applicants from qualifying nor does it state who will examine them.

Dr. Ahmed Okasha assessing Hamdeen Sabahi psychaitrically. Photo from the SMC website.

The Presidential Elections Committee …

Africa has cured AIDS many times before

Mada Masrkindly published this articleearlier. Mada Masr is a brave and informative independent newspaper. Add Mada Masr to your RSS reader or follow theirtwitter account.

The Egyptian military, with their recently announced Complete Cure device, is hardly the first to claim unproven cures for diseases that have ravaged millions of lives. Since the discovery of HIV/AIDS, unproven cures have been advertised and often endorsed by governments all over the world and …

سي سي يعالج الأيدز وفيروس سي

أعلن الجيش المصري الأسبوع الماضي عن تطويره لجهاز يستطيع تشخيص فيروس الأيدز و الالتهاب الكبدي الوبائي سي بدون عينة، بدقة تبلغ 100% و على مسافة تبلغ حتى 500 متراً. هذا الجهاز لا يحتاج للكهرباء و يعتمد في تشغيله على كهرباء الجسم الاستاتيكية.

إن هذا الجهاز ليس إلا "قضيب تكهن"! أنه اختراع مزيف مستوحى من اختراع مزيف آخر مسئول عن مقتل 26000 عراقي طبقاً للبعض. إن الـ ADE651 هو جهاز كاشف عن المتفجرات باعه نصاب بريطاني …

Update on the HIV & HCV miracle cure

More footage of General Ibrahim Abdel Aaty announcing the alleged HIV and Hepatitis C miracle cure appeared online. This one is a must see. There are English subtitles.

It's not clear what he meant by turning AIDS into Kebab. This statement created an incredibly funny social media storm complete with memes and everything. There is a healthy dose of skepticism and worry over the false hope and damage created by this announcement. In my opinion …


The Egyptian military announced yesterday that it has developed a device that can diagnose HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C virus non-invasivly with 100% accuracy and can do so from a distance of up to 500 meters. The device has no electronics and is claimed to be powered by the body's static electricity.

This device is nothing but a divining rod, a sham invention inspired by another sham invention that some hold responsible for the death …

جهاز سي-فاست

رسمة بالأبيض للأسود لجهاز سي فاست من وثيقة براءة الإختراع

رجل الأعمال الأنجليزي ال باع جهاز فشنك للكشف عن القنابل أتحكم عليه بثلاث أحكام منها النصب.

الإحتيال كان على مستوى عالمي، الجهاز تم بيعه لقوات أمن في بلاد كتيرة. وأهم مكان أتباع فيه كان العراق ال زودت كل كمين أمني به، أتقتل 1000 عراقي في عام 2008 و 2009 من الإنفجارات في العراق لوحدها. قوات الأمن كانت تستخدام هذا الجهاز الفشنك للتأكد من عدم وجود متفجرات. لكنه كان يعطي الأمن إحساس كاذب بالأمان.

العراق أنفقت …

Doctors still struggling for decent conditions

Very little is spent by the government on health care (5.7% of total government expenditure). While private expenditure (from people's own hard earned cash) on health care is higher than what the goverment pays. Thousands of medical graduates every year are introduced to a difficult job market where they have few options. They can either work in the public health sector, work in private only, work abroad or leave medicine. Few are lucky to …

Hypnosis in Tahrir

The man in white hair who looks like Jor-El and appears in the projected screen, just like in Superman II, is called Timothy Trujillo and he is someone who is "a Mind-Body Healing Specialist with certificates in Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and Reflexology."

Reiki, Reflexology and Acupuncture are types of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) that have no solid empirical evidence to back them. Their practitioners claim that certain power fields exist and that these therapies …

The poor state of Egypt's medico-legal authority

conference room at the medico-legal authority in Cairo

I took part in a training workshop for the medico-legal authority (forensic authority) in December in Cairo and last month in Assiut.

My part in the training was on the psychological consequences of torture. This was part of a training on the Istanbul Protocol, an internationally recognised guideline for medical and legal documentation of cases of torture. The IRCT managed to convince the director of the authority (chief forensic examiner) Dr. Ehsan Gorgy to provide …

Impaired physicians

Substance abuse among health professionals is serious. An impaired physician may harm the lives of her patients or may lead to their own death as in the case of Dr. Karim Aly. Compared to the general public, physicians have access to very serious medications. More so in certain specialties like anesthesiology.

In the US, 15% of physicians will at one point during their professional lives be impaired. Educating doctors during their undergraduate years and establishing …