Leaving Goodreads

in «Blogging & Personal» by moftasa

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It is time to close my Goodreads account.

I've been thinking about leaving ever since it was acquired by Amazon, but now that there are decentralised, open and anti-corporate alternatives, I think it's time to move on.

Bookwyrm is similar to Goodreads in that it is a social network for tracking your books, discovering new ones and writing reviews. The main difference is that it is a decentralised platform where anyone can run an instance controlled by a smaller community with its own self-governing rules.

Similar to Mastodon, you can connect with other users on various websites in this archipelago of new and brave websites that are resisting surveillance capitalism.

Just as I switched to Linux 20 years ago and switched from Twitter to Mastodon a few months ago, I will be inconvenienced by the limitations of these smaller sites, but I think it is a small price to pay to support this attempt to take back control from the big corporations and bring back the old excitement of an internet made of smaller websites maintained by their members.

My account is Bookrastinating moftasa@bookrastinating.com, you can follow and interact with me with a Bookwyrm account, Mastodon, from any AcitivityPub enabled service or you can just subscribe to the RSS feed.