This post is not about the elections

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Warning! This post is very old and may contain information or opinions that are no longer valid or embarrassing.

Mohamed, from Cairo asks a good question:

Seems that the only reason blogs get mentioned is politics, and seems that the only people whom are interested in Egyptian politics are non-Egyptians! In order to balance things abit, I've written an article about blogs, from a total non-political perspective, and am trying to publish it at one of the local English-language publications, in an attempt to get more non-political bloggers on board. Looks like no one is interested though. Doesn't sell if its not politics?

I also think that the readership of non-political blogs decreased too, I myself skip reading posts on the aggregator that are not politically related from bloggers I read infrequently. I guess it doesn't sell now because of the politically charged times we are experiencing.

My problem is that I am not creative enough when it comes to politics, so I guess I will either have to shut up, take people by hand and direct them to interesting articles published elsewhere (like a linkblog) or try and blog about politics and see if I can improve by time.

But why do I complain about lost readership? I don't know, but I guess it is disappointing to spend too much time in a post with what I think an interesting account spiced up with some wicked javascripting and I don't get a single comment.

P.S: Mohamed could you please allow people without a account to post comments on your blog ?

UPDATE: I think I should stop whining. I was surprised today that every Egyptian I know is talking about politics and the elections, without any fear. Which is great, one week ago, no one was talking at all. Even the dickheads who only discuss PlayStation and football are waking up from their coma and debating. They actually do have very impressive views on what is going on.