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Twitter is cool

[Twitter|] is a [tumblelog|]. A cool one. You can add tiny posts from IM, SMS or web. With a social networking ability.

I like it, this is the kind of app I find more useful than IM to keep in touch with people. Simply telling people what's going on with me. Also cool when one reads those tiny posts after a year or so.

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Blog is still alive

Well, some of you may have noticed that my blog was down for several days now. Even google cached the error message displayed by server.


I fixed it my self. Well, this comes as a development as I have always feared to learn [MySQL|] administration and considering it something very alien to me. Well after a few minutes of googling I found that I had to [drop the cache table|] as it was corrupt and recreate it. [This post|] helped me recreate it. Later on i discovered that I only need to use the command truncate table cache;.